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The Largest Mobile Communication App in China

WeChat is considered a paramount Chinese digital marketing channel for international brands doing businesses to target Chinese people in the world. Especially WeChat Moments ads is a booming trend that brings more opportunities for marketers to advertise in China and overseas now.

Being the largest mobile communication app in China with a billion active users monthly, WeChat marketing provides SMEs and Start-ups the chance to interact with your audiences and keep them engaged through regular updates. In-app ads can be rolled out to keep your brand constantly at the top of their minds.

WeChat Moment ADs

WeChat Moments ads involve WeChat advertiser on one hand and WeChat users on the other. The ads are displayed in user’s moments which is equivalent to Facebook timeline. Users see those ads while scrolling through their feed and typically have an option to interact with such ad. Companies can choose to advertise to 31 industries in China and 14 industries in overseas.

WeChat Moments ads Format

WeChat Moments ads Format

WeChat Official Account ADs Format

Main Products

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